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Christine Mann

After spending a month in Tanzania and Kenya in 1993 with Phil Osborne, Uncharted Outposts founding father, he asked me to join him in marketing a unique and wonderful travel experience to the private homes, lodges and tented camps in Kenya. At the time, we called ourselves "Bush Homes of East Africa."

We take a lot of pride in knowing that an Uncharted Outposts trip is a whole experience, like none other offered to this part of the world. In addition to the great wildlife, you are brought into the lives and home and family of your hosts for a few short days and leave with memories for a lifetime. Now, with almost a decade behind us, we find this "concept of travel" albeit somewhat still undiscovered, is in great demand! Hence, we have expanded to Tanzania, Southern Africa, Argentina & Australia. As the company grew, we selected different areas of expertise. I have focused on Kenya, Tanzania & Argentina.


During my many travels to East Africa, I have often wondered if the impact of this magical continent of wild and beautiful animals and simple and basic people who live within nature\'s rhythm would continue to have an effect on me. Each time I wonder if I will ever say to myself, "one or two trips to samearea of planet Earth are enough." Instead, all the same indescribable feelings are more emphasized each time I return. Africa transcends my body and fills my soul. She teaches me yet another lesson of mankind. She educates me further about the animal kingdom and its wonderful ways. She touches my primitive self. I am lucky to discover her. I am lucky to share Africa with others.


How could any place compare to Africa? With the animals - well, there is no comparison. But Argentina - wow! What an incredible surprise! Argentina is a country of many contrasts. It features the fabled mountains of Patagonia, with its crystal lakes and ice blue rivers and the majestic Andes. It offers the captivating wine country, the picturesque northern region with Indian and colonial villages, the fertile Pampa plains -the land of the colorful gauchos. It boasts the amazing IguazAfÃ"o Falls, the world\'s largest waterfalls, with its lush rain forests and fascinating wildlife. In southern Patagonia, revel in the wonder of iridescent glaciers and sculpted icebergs; the striking beaches and cliffs of the south Atlantic Ocean with incredible sightings of whales, penguins and elephant-seals. These are some of the many reasons to travel to this beautiful country. Please feel free to contact me or any of our staff - we would be excited to work with you on any future travel plans.