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Alaska is bountiful, intrepid and gorgeous with its vast sweeping mountain ranges, earth-shaping glaciers, countless populations of wildlife, sea life and bird life, and more wilderness than the mind can imagine. This astounding destination holds some of the world's deepest fjords and in the swirling currents below, the world's largest mammals – the great whales –

forage in the bountiful waters along sheltered coastlines.

You can kayak through misty coves where jewel-like creatures cling to intertidal rocks;

explore remote and charming fishing villages;

hike through a temperate rain forest where bears live and cavort.

Every moment brings a surprise and a visual treat. And in this supreme solitude, sounds carry and tell stories. You will hear the forlorn cry of a Pacific loon and feel as if you have been transported to another time and place. And indeed you have.




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