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Romancing the Wild

11 Days of Romance in the Bush

Imagine being in a stargazing tent in northern Kenya in the stunning Laikipia Plateau. Imagine it is deeply dark and the sky is brimming with thousands of stars shining – or so it seems – just for you. Imagine that you have spent an extraordinary day in the bush with two remarkable and gentle Samburu warriors, who have taken you into their fold and shared their stories, their culture and their unique experience of their land with you. Now imagine yet another camp where you will be ensconced in a luxurious private house with a private staff to look after your every pampered whim. And another where you will be whisked back to the golden age of safari where you sleep under elegant canvas and where your tea will be poured from silver into china by a waiter kitted out in a crimson fez and a vest over a full length Swahili tunic. Who could resist such a romance in the wild!

Day 1 Karen District, Nairobi
Ngong House
Arrive at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the evening, where you will be met by the warm, smiling face of your private guide, Paul. Paul will transfer you to Ngong House, where you may have a light snack before settling in for the night. During your first night in Africa, you will probably awaken to the peculiar, electrifying call of a territorial male tree hyrax! In fact, these furry brown creatures that look like giant guinea pigs are the closest living relatives to the elephant! Enjoy your first night in Africa!

Day 2-4 Masai Mara Area
Cottars 1920's Camp
After breakfast, you will be transferred to Wilson Airport for your scheduled flight to the Masai Mara. The Mara holds the greatest and most diverse concentration of wildlife remaining in Africa today. It is home to the Masai people and to small clans of Ndorobo, the traditional hunter-gatherers of East Africa. Recalling an era of luxury and sophistication, Cottar's 1920's Camp returns to the original spirit and essence of 'safari,' reminiscent of a golden era - an era of romance, professional guiding, adventure and elegance, in a timelessly unspoiled setting with panoramic views and boundless game. Each day in the Mara will be dramatically different to the next, you may spend hours tracking rhino on foot with an Ndorobo tracker, or sitting quietly for hours observing a typical day in the life of a pride of Mara lions, or let the circus antics of infant cheetah cubs bring tears of laughter to your eyes.

Day 5-7 Laikipia Plateau Area
Lemarti's Camp
Lemarti’s Camp is an unforgettable safari hideaway in Kenya’s breathtaking northern Laikipia Plateau, one of the last frontiers of virgin wilderness and home to the majestic Samburu people. The twist here is that while the local Samburu community owns the land, the camp itself was built and run by a local Samburu guide - Loyapan Lemarti - and his Kenyan-based fashion designer wife, Anna Trzebinski. This unlikely duo met on safari - he was her guide - and were later married. Their dream camp emerged, nestled in an oasis in a spectacular setting beneath a grove of palms and centenary fig trees. But what is truly unique about staying at Lemarti’s Camp is experiencing the "Rites of Passage" safari that Lemarti has crafted. It is an experience unparalleled in East Africa today. No safari vehicles or armed guards here. Guests quite literally walk into the wilderness with Samburu warriors armed only with their traditional weapons, their sharp senses and generations of knowledge. These gentle tribesmen will talk with you about their ways, connect you with amazing wildlife and take you into a moment in time that is both authentic and other worldly.

Day 8-10 Kijabe Group Ranch
Ol Lentille
After your gourmet breakfast, you will board a private charter flight to Ol Lentille. Perched on the flanks of a wooded rock kopje, in the heart of our private conservation area, is The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille - a collection of four private, full-service, fully staffed Houses for the discerning few. The Eyrie has one bedroom, a sitting and dining room with open fire and kitchen. It is seductively furnished. The circular bedroom has a gigantic round bed, and it is but a few steps to your own secluded outdoor double rock bath with views over our rugged hills to the deserts of the north. Spend your days enjoying game drives, horse and camel rides, mountain biking, nature walks and of course beautiful sunsets! The pool is a great place to chill - lounging "pods" filled with creamy cushions, and a dining and sundowner deck under sails. Or unwind with a massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and beauty treatments.

Day 11 Karen District, Nairobi
Giraffe Manor
After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airstrip where you will board a scheduled flight to Nairobi’s Wilson Airport. Upon arrival, Paul will take you to Giraffe Manor. Enjoy a day of last minute shopping, sightseeing, and relaxing! After dinner, you will be transferred to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in time to check in for you overnight flight back home.

Please Note: These itineraries are just suggestions or a place to start your planning; they are useful to look at the options available and to help budgeting for your trip. Rates may vary.




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